Azeus Convene overview

Azeus Convene, or just Convene, is a board management software solution designed to successfully conduct remote meetings for board members, board directors, administrators, and executives.

Azeus Convene was founded in 2010 by Lee Wan Lik and is headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom. 

Convene is a product of Azeus Systems LTD — an award-winning and leading IT company with more than 30 years of experience. Azeus Systems introduced Convene initially to facilitate board management, boost business decision-making, and make digital meetings easier, paperless, and more effective. 

With Azeus Convene, board administrators can prepare meetings in a few clicks, which greatly reduces paper and print costs.

Among the main features Azeus Convene offers are the following:

  • Meeting invitations, reminders, and notifications
  • Secure review rooms to store confidential board information
  • In-built video conferencing tool
  • Streamlined distribution of meeting minutes
  • Meeting scheduling
  • E-signatures

Azeus Convene board management software perfectly fits the needs of financial institutions, governmental organizations, non-profits, listed and private companies, educational institutions, and more.

Benefits of Azeus Convene

Board directors and executives from the Fortune 500 companies list choose Azeus Convene due to the following advantages. 

Seamless collaboration during board meetings

Board members can get the maximum of remote meetings with the help of Azeus Convene functionality.

  • Live presentation tools such as virtual laser pointer and page synchronization help the presenter hold meetings effectively and keep all attendees involved.
  • Many customers point out that they enjoy an easy voting and approval workflow Azeus Convene provides. 
  • Users state they had an excellent virtual meeting experience thanks to the latest meeting technology — an integrated video conferencing tool.

Facilitated board management 

Board members and administrators indicate that overall board management is facilitated when using Azeus Convene.

  • Subscribers of Azeus Convene often point out that an ability to make public and private annotations to documents significantly improved the process of board management in their companies.
  • Users also enjoy straightforward pre-meeting preparation Azeus Convene offers, especially an automated agenda builder and an option of scheduling meetings.
  • Thanks to the straightforward post-meeting document distribution, it’s easier to gather the results of board meetings and stay on track. 

Enhanced security

The Azeus Convene board portal follows the highest security standards. It ensures that your corporate documentation and confidential information are protected with the help of the following measures:

  • Single sign-on and biometric authentication
  • Document security features such as watermarking, secure document signing, and copy restrictions
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password policies
  • 256-bit encryption

Azeus Convene is also ISO 27001 certified and AICPA (SOC 1/2/3) compliant. Data centers of Azeus Convene are located in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the U.S.

Improved board meeting experience

The majority of customers point out that the overall usage of the Azeus Convene board platform was satisfactory.

  • Customers indicate it’s easy to access the library and previous meeting packs.
  • Azeus Convene reduces the need to make up paper board packs and makes it easier to distribute meeting packs in just a few clicks.

Best for

With the help of various Azeus Convene features such as drag and drop upload, automated meeting invitations, and private annotations, customers usually solve the following problems:

  • Preparing and running board and committee meetings
  • Conducting internal and external group meetings and board meetings via video calls 
  • Multiple internal management
  • Secure corporate storage
  • Meeting materials management and distribution
  • Scheduling of digital meetings

How to start using Azeus Convene

All potential subscribers of Azeus Convene start its usage with a free trial. It helps them determine its main pros and cons and understand whether the platform’s functionality meets their expectations.

New users of the Azeus Convene board management software can always schedule a free demo, which guides them through the board portal and teaches them how to use it effectively.

There are also training options for all board administrators and board members. During those, company specialists provide very informative user guides with detailed explanations of the platform’s features. 

To plan a training session, contact customer support. It’s available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. 

Pros and cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Azeus Convene that real users point out.


  • High-end security. Azeus Convene is primarily a secure document library where board meeting materials and other sensitive corporate information are stored.
  • Multi-platform capability. Subscribers of Azeus Convene can easily access documents from any device — iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
  • Streamlined collaboration. Customers especially enjoy the integrated video conferencing feature that helps conduct meetings right in the board portal. The software also notifies all group participants about the updates on the planned meetings and other events.
  • Professional customer support. All the clients point out that they’ve got professional assistance from the support team when they needed it. 
  • Third-party integrations. The Azeus Convene board management software makes board meeting preparation more straightforward with the help of such integrations as SharePoint, DropBox, and Box.
  • Ease of use. Even less tech-savvy board members, for whom a virtual board portal became especially helpful after the Covid-influenced wave of office closures, experience no troubles when using Azeus Convene.


  • The interface and overall look could be more polished. Customers indicate that the interface of Azeus Convene is a bit glutted compared to the main competitors.
  • OCR capabilities are desired. Some clients point out that their governance team identified the lack of OCR technology as a substantial downside.
  • The video conferencing feature could be more advanced. Only 8 attendees can display their camera images, others have to use voice only.
  • The option of hyperlinking between documents is desired. For many customers, the only downside of using Azeus Convene is an inability to switch documents by hyperlinks inside the boardroom for an even better board meeting experience.