What is Boardable

Boardable is a board management software solution. Its founders know all about the challenges today’s boards have to deal with because they’re board directors themselves. Their main pains are:

  • endless email threads
  • lost documents and data
  • lack of accountability 
  • time-consuming board meeting planning
  • task management complexity
  • a long process of approval and document signing 

How does Boardable help boards? 

Here’s how Boardable copes with the challenges, helping to better fulfill board obligations:

  1. Meeting scheduling. Board meeting scheduling is automated. Thus, your board colleagues can concentrate on their main responsibilities and not get distracted by organization details.
  2. Agenda building. Due to templates, administrators can quickly create effective meeting agendas and send them to participants by email. 
  3. Document center. All data and important documents are securely stored in one place, easily accessible, and logically organized. No need to dig up email attachments. 
  4. E-Signatures. Get documents signed fast and legal. Upload a file, request a signature, and review the process status.
  5. Polls and voting. A dashboard of polls keeps all employees up to date on processes, engages them in decision-making, and encourages them to contribute. 
  6. Goals tracking.  Improve board productivity by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and measuring effectiveness. Members can see it all on their dashboards and stay updated on project progress.

Who is Boardable useful to? 

2,000+ organizations in 40+ countries are already taking advantage of Boardable as a powerful board management platform with incredibly time-saving tools. The list of industries includes:

  • nonprofit boards
  • for-profit organizations
  • trade associations
  • foundations
  • charities 
  • school boards 
  • healthcare

In general, no matter what organization you belong to, the Boardable team is going to be a great partner in efficient board meeting management. Discover what benefits users receive below.   

3 major advantages of Boardable 

Here’s why Boardable software appears to be the best solution for thousands of boards and committees. 

More effective meetings

Boardable empowers board members with all essential tools for holding meetings effectively and getting the most out of them. The service brings in more productive discussions and faster decision-making, helps to focus on strategy and mission, and, as a result, creates an added value. This is possible because of:

  • absolutely effortless scheduling, editing, and rescheduling of meetings
  • an ability for all team members to click into each meeting to see and share agendas, polls, and messages
  • access to all past meeting materials. minutes, and discussion threads
  • a fully integrated video conferencing solution

Increased member engagement

Boardable keeps everyone in sync. It enhances each individual’s engagement and improves their performance. This ultimately brings a better overall result and helps board leaders achieve goals quicker. It’s feasible as a consequence of: 

  • digital, face-to-face collaboration 
  • virtual space for working together and looking at the same board documents 
  • an opportunity to review the polls and comments in advance and then vote digitally 
  • a home dashboard that keeps everyone informed about current tasks, upcoming meetings, etc.

Easy integration and user-friendliness

Boardable’s founders believe that board management software doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive to pay dividends. That’s why they created a solution that’s going to be powerful despite the level of your tech-savviness. Here’s what customers love about Boardable:

  • live demo to find the best solution for your company
  • effortless onboarding for newcomers 
  • intuitive interface and easy-to-use features 
  • professional support that systematically rolls out improvements based on customer feedback

Getting started with Boardable software

Here’s a short instruction on how to start taking advantage of Boardable:

1. Schedule a live demo. Start with booking a demo to get a customized tour of the Boardable platform, have all your questions answered, and learn the pricing details. 

2. Use a free trial. Check out the full Professional plan features available for 14 days for free. No need to enter credit card data.  

3. Train. There’s a training and learning center available for all Boardable users. Find out resources designed specifically for board members, as well as guides and video tutorials for administrators.

4. Get help. If required, you’re provided with your own success manager. Plus, customer support always reaches out to see if you enjoy working with Boardable. 

4. Review updates. Users receive updates when Boardable releases new features and improvements. 

Pros and cons of using Boardable

Learn what clients like and dislike about the Boardable software. 


  • all board work is housed in one system which helps to be more sustainable, organized, and efficient
  • ease of use and intuitive interface resulting in fast training and onboarding 
  • numerous useful tools like agenda builder, meetings center, e-signatures, and task manager, which save your time and money
  • free 14-day trial, fair pricing, and flexible packaging suitable for your organization 
  • fully customizable and scalable Boardable software
  • always available, experienced, and friendly customer support instantly reacting to users’ requests and feedback


  • lack of additional controls within the administrative role
  • inability to format own documents
  • no screen share tool
  • inability to upload files from the cloud drive to the document center 
  • no drag and drop feature 
  • higher price for the most valuable features