About Govenda

Govenda is a board portal that was designed by governance professionals as the corporation’s trusted technology partner in meeting modern governance challenges.

Govenda is an American-based and women-led company that was founded in 2012 by Marion Lewis and Jeanette Thomas. 
It was previously known as BoardBookit — the company was rebranded in 2021 and continued its operations under the Govenda name. 

The key goal of the Govenda board success platform is board meeting management improvement. It aims to give stakeholders and a board of directors a place to execute on every stage of the board cycle and make the board communication between board members more straightforward and effective.

The Govenda board portal perfectly suits the needs of:

  • Board members
  • Executives
  • Legal teams
  • Board administrators
  • IT teams

What is Govenda best for?

The Govenda board success platform, previously BoardBookit, helps companies of all sizes in facilitating their board performance — from small firms and startups to large corporations and enterprises.

Below are the industries where Govenda is mostly used by board members for corporate governance:

  • Commercial organizations
  • Non-profit boards
  • Banking
  • Healthcare and biotech
  • Educational institutions
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Financial services

Nevertheless, Govenda is a board meeting software solution that can be used in any industry where complex governance requires improvement. 

The main features of Govenda software

Let’s shortly review the main categories of features Govenda clients use to facilitate corporate governance and board performance.


Instead of storing corporate information on multiple resources, Govenda provides a single secure space for all board materials and board books, which reduces the risk of data breaches.

High-end security is guaranteed with the help of such measures:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Biometric logins
  • Remote wipe
  • Access control
  • Attendee management

Govenda also corresponds to the requirements of SOC 2 certification and HIPAA compliance.


Effective communication between board members, stakeholders, and executives is a surefire way to good governance. 

Govenda ensures live collaboration between all the parties involved in the board cycle with the help of in-built messaging.

What’s more, there are Govenda FAQs and surveys that help to solve the arising issues quickly and efficiently.

Document management

The ability to easily manage large volumes of documents and work on them right inside the boardroom is an integral component of good governance.

  • Boardroom administrators can easily upload board materials such as board books and other agenda items thanks to the drag-n-drop feature.
  • With the help of the in-built e-signature feature, board members can approve certain decisions right inside the Govenda portal.
  • All the board users can also edit and approve meeting minutes from any device after admins invite them to do so.
  • Board members can make notes on agenda documents for a better understanding of the subject. Annotation options include sticky notes, free handwriting, and highlighting.

Meeting preparation

The easier it is to prepare for the board meeting, the more effective it’ll likely be. 

Govenda (or BoardBookit) users schedule meetings right inside the portal, and board members can sync those invitations to their calendars. There’s also an opportunity to propose the meeting time and date, so that board members can vote on the most fitting option.

Creating board books and other board materials is easy, thanks to the multiple document template.

Task tracking

For successful governance, it’s important to keep track of all the task assignments and their completion.

Board administrators of Govenda (Board Bookit) can assign tasks to board members right during the meeting and track the progress.

There’s also an option of approval process control that allows administrators to monitor the approvals the board of directors makes.

Remote access

Govenda is accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Mobile users can reach the Govenda portal via its mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android.

There’s also an offline access option, which allows users to proceed with working on agendas even when there’s no Wi-Fi connection.

Start of Govenda’s usage

All the new users who join Govenda can start with a free trial usage. It allows for testing software to find out how good it can be for your company before purchasing subscriptions. 

To know more about available subscription plans, request Govenda pricing details on the website.

Additionally, potential customers can schedule a demo to go through all the features. A company’s professionals will guide you through the functionality that might serve your needs and answer all the arising questions.

Pros and cons of Govenda

Govenda is known for offering unmatched ROI (return on investment), which speaks loud about users’ satisfaction with the product. Still, there are certain downsides subscribers would enjoy being improved.

Let’s outline the main advantages and disadvantages of the platform based on the Govenda user feedback.


  • Straightforward usage. Govenda is an intuitive platform with a user experience-focused design. It’s easy to set up and proceed with meeting preparation.
  • Mobile access. Govenda perfectly operates on all devices thanks to the devoted mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Premium support. Govenda support team is available 24/7 and always provides qualified assistance.
  • Third-party integrations. Govenda integrates with Okta SSO applications.
  • Unlimited users in each subscription plan. No matter what pricing plan you select, you can add as many board members to your board portal as you need.


  • Lack of in-built virtual meeting platform. Many customers indicate they would enjoy having an application for video conferencing right inside the Govenda board portal.
  • Unclear pricing. Govenda doesn’t clearly state pricing details on the official website.