About iDeals Board

iDeals is a board portal software solution designed for successful board communications and board management.

The iDeals boardroom is a product of the iDeals company that specializes in highly secure and modern virtual data rooms. The iDeals board portal is a cloud-based secure platform where all the corporate sensitive data and board meeting materials can be stored without the risk of data breaches. 

The iDeals company was founded in 2008 by Evgeny Sergeev . It’s headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom.

The key services the iDeals online boardroom portal provides are:

  • Corporate document storage
  • Collaboration between board members and board directors
  • Task management
  • Board meeting management
  • Board meeting preparation

What is iDeals best for?

The main goal of the iDeals board portal is to make board meetings more effective, maintain collaborative relationships between board members, board committees, and board directors, and improve corporate governance and accountability.

iDeals board management software ensures those with the help of the following categories of features.

Meeting management tools

The iDeals board portal ensures meeting preparation is less time-consuming for board members and administrators.

This is done with the help of meeting management tools such as:

  • Ability to search for information from past meetings
  • Calendar management
  • Easy online distribution of pre-meeting materials
  • Reminders about upcoming meetings

Document management

Board meetings generally require dealing with large volumes of information and sensitive documents. 

However, the biggest difference between online board meetings and offline meetings is efficiency of the first. 

The iDeals board portal software ensures effective document management with the help of tools such as:

  • Full-text search
  • Customizable document templates
  • Electronic signatures
  • Drag-n-drop and bulk upload

Task management

Another secret to successful board communication is the capability to assign tasks to certain board members and keep track of their progress.

By using the iDeals board portal software solution, users can do so with the help of the following board governance tools:

  • Creating action items
  • Approval process management
  • Action items tracking
  • Automatic notifications

Board communication management

Effective and timely interaction between board members is a surefire way to achieve good governance at every stage of the board meeting cycle.

The iDeals board portal provides its customers with the ability to communicate online with the help of the following collaboration tools:

  • Voting
  • QA discussions
  • Real-time chat
  • Annotations to pre-meeting board materials and other documents


iDeals is considered one of the best board portals, primarily because of its high-end security.

By using the iDeals board portal, large companies can rest assured that sensitive information and corporate documents they share inside iDeals software are kept confidential and safe. 

The iDeals board portal ensures such top-level security with the help of multiple tools and measures, including:

  • Two-step authentication
  • RSA 2048-bit encryption
  • Remote wipe
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Audit logs

iDeals board portal software is also SOC 2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

iDeals board portal use cases by industry

All sized companies use the iDeals board portal — from large global enterprises to small companies and startups.

They choose the iDeals virtual board room to meet governmental compliance requirements easily, make board meetings paperless, and maintain strong and effective communication between board members and the board of directors.

The iDeals board portal also helps companies ensure good corporate governance and establish an effective tool for board communication management.

The industries using the iDeals boardroom software include nonprofits, higher education institutions, banking, biotechnology, financial services, investment banking, IT, manufacturing, and real estate.

Pros and cons of the iDeals boardroom software

Based on the feedback customers leave after using the iDeals board portal, let’s define its main advantages and disadvantages.


  • 30-day free trial. All potential subscribers can test the boardroom for a month before deciding on whether to subscribe. This way, they can learn if the platform fits their company’s needs and budget.
  • Secure data storage. iDeals is well-known for providing high-end security, so all customers can rest assured that their confidential data is safe.
  • Straightforward usage. The iDeals board portal is easy to set up and use, no matter the user’s technological background.
  • Qualified customer support. The majority of customers point out that they experienced knowledgeable and timely assistance from the iDeals support team.
  • Easy mobile access. The iDeals board portal operates perfectly on mobile devices thanks to the responsive mobile application for iOS and Android.
  • Offline access. Meeting agendas and meeting materials are viewable even without a Wi-Fi connection.


  • Unclear pricing. Subscription plan pricing is not available on their website. Many customers find it inconvenient to have to contact the sales or support team for details.